Addressing a waitlist letter

April 16, 2007

If you decide to write a letter expressing your continued interest in a college, it doesn’t matter much to whom you address it. If you knew the specific admissions officer that read your application, address it to him or her. Examples of this include – having been interviewed by the regional admissions officer, having met that admissions officer when s/he visited your high school, spoken on the phone or exchanged emails. Generally, if you know that the admissions officer knows who you are, address the letter personally. If not, a “Dear [college] Admissions Office[r], ” will work just fine.


2 Responses to “Addressing a waitlist letter”

  1. BB Says:

    This isn’t really related to this topic, but I was wondering how important AP test scores are relative to SAT scores and grades (as well as extracurricular activities, etc).

  2. What WP template do you use?

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