Not getting in

April 2, 2007

If you do not get into a college or university you had your heart set on you have a few choices of how to handle the decision. First, you can accept it, focus on schools that did accept you and move on. Second, you can call the university admissions office and request to speak with an admissions officer to learn why you were not admitted. Third, you can ask your guidance/college counselor to call on your behalf. Often this information is helpful in coming to terms with a rejection. It may also prove valuable if you choose to apply as a transfer student in the future.

For private colleges, requesting a review of your decision isn’t really an option, so don’t call them and ask for one more chance. This is tricky because it implies that they did not do an adequate job the first time around. Most private liberal arts schools take great care in reviewing your application during reading season, and all decisions, once mailed, are final. Some schools (like the City University of New York system) may entertain the possibility of reconsidering an applicant after decisions are made if there is miscommunication or missing materials. I write this purely from one experience where the CUNY office said they did not receive SAT scores and therefore could not admit the student. For selective schools, best not to call or show up and ask them to reconsider. They won’t.


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