Admitted Student Visits

March 26, 2007

For those of you receiving acceptance letters, congratulations!

Most likely, you will be invited to visit the schools for a day or two. In my opinion it’s very important to go on these visits as long as you are truly considering attending. These are not mini-vacations designed as opportunities to skip high school classes, attend college parties, stay out all night etc. Granted, this comes with the territory and plenty would argue that that is part of the process, but be sure to approach these visits thoughtfully.

If you go, be respectful of your high school teachers and give them the heads up that you will be missing school.

Second, once at the college, attend classes. You are not there just to sample the food, go to social events, and assess the size of the dorm rooms. You should be just as critical about the academic climate, as you are about the asthetics of the campus, or student body for example. Do the students seem competitive? Are the professors engaging? Are the students actively paying attention, doing the work, taking school as seriously as you would (however serious that may be)? Is there a healthy work/play balance?

Third, academics aside, do you feel like you could fit in and thrive in that community? Often at this stage the most important thing to be aware of is how your gut feels. Your instincts will help decide whether you think you could see yourself at a given school.

Fourth, how involved are students in activities outside the classroom? And how supportive and respectful are students of one another’s extracurricular pursuits?

The admissions office will be busy assembling a schedule of events to entice you to enroll. Be mindful that once you matriculate, no singular office will be bending over backwards to concern itself with ensuring you’re entertained and stimulated at all times. Try to get to know the school independent of the fanfare surrounding your visit, but don’t necessarily do that in disregard of the scheduled events. The scheduled events are designed to showcase the best the school has to offer – check them out. But be sure to take time to think independently, go off the beaten path, shadow your host for a day, or, if your host has distinctly different interests that you, ask him or her to help you find someone whose interests better overlap. Take a walk by yourself around the town or city to consider whether you could see yourself there for four years.

Presumably you’ve done plenty of research to get to this point. Now’s your chance to feel it out knowing it’s finally a reality. Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Admitted Student Visits”

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  2. t walker Says:

    thanks for the info,but my son has been accepted to depaul university and he will be the first generation to attend a university, so i would like to know what questions to ask, what to wear, and what do we take with us any answers would help thanks.

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